How to Look Like a Zombie

Things You'll Need

  • Old clothing
  • Makeup

How to Look Like a Zombie. They come out at night, feed off the living and decay at an alarming rate. Zombies are the dead among us. The things nightmares, a billion movies and one great video game are made of. Depending on the situation, zombies can be frightening or funny. Whether you are looking for a great Halloween costume, playing a part in a show or just looking to creep people out, knowing how to look like a zombie isn't difficult.

Wear old, tattered clothing. The more ripped and dirty, the better. Zombies rise from the grave so you're going to need to look like you did, as well. If you don't have anything you can use you can shop at a thrift store for the perfect outfit.

Apply make-up, fake skin and teeth to look undead. Go to a costume shop and get latex skin, face paint and plenty of fake blood. Apply the latex skin with non-toxic adhesive (they sell this at costume shops). Use plenty of fake skin so your face looks lumpy and decayed. Use face paint to blend the fake skin with your own. Use darker colors such as greens and browns. Add plenty of fake blood and the fake teeth to finish the effect.

Achieve the undead stare. Zombies have a certain expression that identifies them as the brain-dead, brain-eating monsters they are. Try to look dazed and tired and try to blink as little as possible. Stare off into the distance, even as you're stalking your prey.

Master the zombie walk. Zombies are undead, and therefore stiff. Walk stiffly and limp like you've hurt one of your legs. For an even greater effect you can drag one of your legs like it is unmovable. Whatever you decide, just be sure you move slowly, very slowly.

If you want to look like a zombie you will want to eat like a zombie while in public. Throw all manners out the window. Eat with your hands, devour your food and get messy. And eat meat, nothing but meat. No self-respecting zombie eats its veggies.


  • For the greatest zombie effect you will want to master the zombie moan. All zombies sound like they just lost their favorite pet and have a stomach virus. Practice acting like a zombie before you go out in public or play your part. Use a mirror to see yourself so you know you're doing it right.


  • Be careful when you are applying your zombie make-up. Even though the stuff is non-toxic, it will still sting if it gets in your eyes.