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How to Look Good Naked in Photos

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Posing naked for photos can be intimidating even when you feel comfortable with your body. Figure models are nude models that pose not only for photographers, but also for painters, sculptors and other fine artists. Good figure models are confident, comfortable and relaxed while knowing how to pose and arch their bodies. Regardless of whether or not you intend to pose nude for a professional photographer, you can definitely copy some of the techniques that figure models use to look good naked in photos.

Be confident mentally and physically. When you are uncomfortable, it not only translates through your face in photos but also in your body. Most people tend to slouch inward in a protective manner when they are uncomfortable in front of the camera, even more so when nude. Confidence helps you create clean lines to emphasize the areas of your body you like. Find 10 things you like about your body and list them to yourself before the shoot.

Wake up early and do your full “get ready” routine before the shoot. If you need to shave, buff, exfoliate, moisturize, blow-dry, flat-iron or curl your hair, leave plenty of time to prepare in an unhurried manner. Knowing your body is clean and groomed will help you be more confident in front of the camera. Use a shimmering moisturizer to make your skin glow in photos.

Try positions lying down. It is much easier to create interesting shapes while making your body look good when lying down. Bend your legs and arch your hips, then try something else. The key to getting a good shot is to make small movements to get the best angle. Focus on positions that are attractive, but that can be held comfortably for a period of time.

Arch and bend your body. When you create curves with your body, it stretches your skin. This makes your complexion look smoother, while hiding flabby areas and creating an illusion of long, lean muscle tone.

Work out just before the shoot. Doing sit-ups and push-ups a few minutes before your shoot get your muscles active and make them look more defined. A little exercise also gets your blood flowing, which adds a healthy color to your face and body for photos.


Remember others don’t see your body the way you do. You may notice a small wrinkle here or a little flab there but chances are you make it much worse in your head than it really is. Keep in mind that looking “good” naked is entirely subjective.

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