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How to Live Like Charlotte York From "Sex and the City"

It's Charlotte York's Manhattan, You Just Live in It
Andrew Beierle

You have to feel for poor Charlotte York. It isn't enough to be stunning, work at a fabulous art gallery in New York, and have three best friends. She wants the proverbial fairytale, decked out with a handsome prince, impeccably outfitted castle, and the pot of gold that will maintain her in the manner to which she has become accustomed. Actress Kristin Davis does an excellent job portraying the good girl of the "Sex and the City" bunch. If you would like the chance to walk a mile in the good girl's designer shoes, take heed of the advice herein.

It's Charlotte York's Manhattan, You Just Live in It
Andrew Beierle

Things You'll Need:

  • Manicure
  • Money

Subscribe to the magazines. How can you yearn for the beautiful life, Charlotte York style, without pining over the glossy spreads in "House and Garden" or longing for your Upper East Side flat to be featured in "Architectural Digest"? It would not hurt to throw in "The New Yorker" for good cocktail party conversation and "Art and Antiques" to keep current on the commercial art scene.

Score the wardrobe. Carrie Bradshaw gets bohemian chic, Samantha Jones gets hard-edged contemporary, Miranda Hobbes gets tailored suits, and Charlotte York gets classic and classy. She goes for simple and feminine. Think Ralph Lauren, Alberta Ferretti and, for that shoe fetish, Gucci. Bare shoulders are fine, but plunging necklines are a no-no.

Find the dream job. While others must sell their souls to the devil to survive the mean streets of Manhattan, Charlotte York uses her Smith College degree (and probably some of her Connecticut blueblood connections) to score a position as an art dealer. In no way should the responsibilities of your employment impede your ability to meet your friends for brunch at the diner or to drop everything for that great weekend retreat to The Hamptons.

Put your girls on speed dial. The big city can be a lonely place, so you need your girlfriends there for you. Picture this: You pull up a chair at the latest "it" spot. "Girls!" You kiss your gorgeous friends on the cheek, even though only moments have passed since you were texting each other on your cell phones. Your best friend, the one who always has the perfectly dry observation, stops the buzz at the table with a deep question. "Do you have to be a supermodel to get a date in New York?" You're home.

Live happily ever after, finally. You are living the fantasy, as described by Charlotte York in one episode: "You pull me off my unicorn, you tear away my gossamer petticoats, and you put your schooner deep inside my Rebecca."


Keep a sense of humor in the face of difficulty. Consider Charlotte York on the ending of her marriage to Trey: "My marriage is a fake Fendi. He can't even get it up."


  • Repressed anger has a way of coming back to you, as when Charlotte exploded at Samantha: "Is your vagina in the New York City guidebooks? Because it should be. it's the hottest spot in town. It's always open."
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