How to Learn Simple Dance Steps

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Dancing is an art that anyone can master with practice, precision and patience. When first learning how to dance, it is important to learn basic dance steps that will build a foundation of future study. Simple dance steps will aid your artistic growth while providing you with a wonderful means of exercise. Making sure you have room to dance is a first step in growing your art, as well as reaching out to the community, both in person and online.

Beginning Your Dance Education

Clear a space just for you in your home or living quarters that will enable you to move your body freely. You will want enough space to fully express yourself, so making sure there are no valuable or breakable items around will be important. Dancing is an art that allows you to feel as if you can free yourself, so you do not want to be constricted in a tight space.

Connect with communities in your area that focus on beginner's dance. You can find these groups at community colleges or local dance classes. You might also find a meet-up group online whose niche is dance, helping you to make new friends in your area. You will then be able to learn simple dance steps to build your foundation.

Reach out to online communities such as forums, bulletin boards and websites that share dance steps, videos and audio. You will be able to make many acquaintances across the country and will be able to learn and grow from these connections.

Simple Box Step

Place the weight equally into your feet, and have your feet together.

Bring forward your right foot above the original place on the floor and keep your left foot in place

Bring your left foot above and over on the floor, a few inches beside your right foot. Both foots should be in line with each other now.

Bring your right foot to your left foot, making half of the square.

Repeat but go backwards. Bring your left foot back, and then your right foot, both feet inches apart from each other. Then bring your left foot to your right foot to form the full square.

Simple Ball Change

Position your weight on the ball of your left foot.

Step above with your right foot. You have an option of performing a slight kick with the right foot, forming a "kick ball change" action.

Repeat the steps to fully experience this basic dance step. It will crop up in many dances along the way.


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