How to Learn Cool Dance Moves

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The definition of a cool dance move can change from person to person, but the majority of people have similar opinions on cool dance moves. They can be moves that are well known because they are performed by famous artists, or small sharp movements that someone can do to the beats of a song anywhere at any time. When learning how to do cool dance moves it is important to go with the flow of the music playing, and to be confident.

Learn a small step you can do with your feet that helps pass 'down time' in music and can be an introduction or exit for any big dance move. A good move like this is called the heel toe.

Master the heel toe by starting with your feet side by side. Put the right heel out in front and rotate it to the right. Let your weight shift to the left and catch yourself by putting the left heel in front and rotating it to the left. Repeat this step faster and faster until it looks as if you are floating or sliding on the ground.

Prepare a bigger dance move to wow your audience. Good moves to use here are any type of jump, flip, cartwheel action, or a freeze move.

Learn a freeze move by learning how to balance your body upside down. Start on your hands and knees with your hands to the side. Slowly pour all your weight into your arms and hands and start to pull your knees and feet off the ground using your legs to balance in the air. This will take a lot of confidence and practice but once it is mastered, and you are in a freezing position upside down, everyone will think it is a very cool dance move.

Decide on an exit dance move that is impressive but less intensive. You can use the heel toe movement again, or you can try a movement like the moon walk.

Practice the moon walk by starting with your feet together. Putting all the weight on your left foot, slide your right foot flat on the ground behind you. Pop the right foot to the ball of the foot sharply and transfer the weight to it. Do the same thing with the left foot. Slide it on the ground until it is past the right foot and pop it to the ball of the foot. Repeat this step trying to get quicker to achieve the floating on the floor look.

Combine steps one through six smoothly to produce cool dance moves.


  • These cool dance move are intensive and you should be physically fit before trying them. Consult a physician if needed.