How to Knit Doll Clothes

How to Knit Doll Clothes. The craft of knitting is experiencing a new surge in interest. Knitting doll clothes is a great way to learn the craft of knitting. You can also experiment with specialty yarns, special stitches and patterns that work up quickly in small garments. Doll clothes can be made using left over remnants of yarn from larger projects.

Find a pattern for knitting doll clothes. Ask at a knitting store for out-of-copyright patterns that the shop may keep on file. Join a doll knitting group and pattern exchange.

Select the yarns that are suited to the doll's size. Select fine yarns like baby yarn and fingering yarn for small dolls. Choose sport and worsted weight for larger dolls.

Use the proper size needle for the yarn to get the right gauge. Knit sample pieces about 2 inches by 4 inches to gauge the correct number of stitches for sizing purposes.

Choose washable yarns, including washable wool, for most doll clothes. Reserve specialty yarns for garments for collectible dolls. Check the yarn labels for laundry instructions.

Use baby knitting patterns for infant-size and larger dolls. Follow the instructions and adjust sleeve length for the specific doll.

Limit complicated closures when knitting doll clothes for children. Replace buttons and ties with snaps and self-fasteners .


Check out the Knitting Patterns Central and Knitting Central websites for a broad selection of free knitting patterns. Sign up at Craftfinder's website to post a search for out-of-print and unusual patterns. Visit websites dedicated to the particular type of doll for knitting and sewing patterns. Contact the local specialty shops or a doll hospital for information about collector groups in the area.


To ensure the doll clothes are not too big or small, make sure and create a sample. This is extremely important when working with custom designs.

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