How to Knit Dog Booties

How to Knit Dog Booties. Whether you want to help protect your dog's feet from the cold or you simply want to create a distinctive fashion statement for your pooch, you will find that with a little creativity and a lot of patience, you can knit a wonderful pair of dog booties by following these simple steps.

Consider purchasing a pair of nice, soft gloves and use the individual fingers of the glove for your dog's booties if your dog is small enough. This would require little actual knitting, but it would certainly be a charming way to create some snug little cushions for your pet's paws.

Knit some regular baby booties and then let the design evolve as you try them on your dog's paws. Obviously, this will require that you work around any complexities related to precise fit, but with effort, you can achieve a nice result.

Purchase a pair of ready-made dog booties and use them as a pattern to go by when you knit them.

Utilize velcro to help get the best fit. Simply knitting the booties will be wonderful, but to ensure that the dog's little paws will stay covered and warm, use a bit of velcro to tighten them around the ankle.

Ensure the best booties for your dog based on climate and use. For example, if your dog will be walking in snow, opt for fleece material to help keep him warm. Or, alternately, if your dog will be walking about in a hot climate, denim is a nice choice.

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