How to Join Crocheted Squares

Kari Høglund/iStock/Getty Images

Crocheting granny or other motif squares is the first project for many beginners, but you end up with a big stack of squares that need to be linked somehow. Joining the squares is as easy as learning to make them, and you have many different choices for how to connect them to make an afghan, scarf or other projects.

Use a Whip Stitch

The whip stitch may be the easiest method for joining crocheted or knitted squares. You will need a large-eyed needle, such as one for crewel work, yarn and scissors. Use the same yarn as in the square or add extra interest with a contrasting color. If you’ve made solid-colored yarn, a variegated joining fiber brings a little accent.

To make the whip stitch, thread the needle with a single strand of yarn. Layer two squares, aligning the corners. If the squares are very large, use craft or binder clips to hold them together; for smaller squares, you don’t need the clips. Stitching along the foundation chain edge makes it easier to line up the stitches, but any edges can be joined. Insert the needle through both loops of the first stitches of each square and pull the thread through, leaving a 2- to 3-inch tail. Insert the needle through the second stitch of both squares, coming from the same direction as your first whip stitch. Pull the yarn through and continue to the next corner. Weave both ends of the yarn into the existing stitches. If you prefer, you can also tie the yarn at the beginning and end.

Slip-Stitch Down the Line

This method requires a crochet hook and yarn; use the same hook you used for the squares. Slip your hook through the first stitch on both aligned squares and pull a loop of yarn onto the hook. Catch the yarn with the hook and pull it through the loop to form a slip stitch. Insert your hook through the next stitch on both squares and make another slip stitch. Continue to the next corner and bind off by clipping the yarn, leaving a 2-inch tail, and pulling it through the loop on the hook.

Single Crochet the Squares Together

Work this join with the same hook as the squares and some yarn. Hook the first stitch on both layered squares and make a slip stitch to connect the yarn. Single crochet across the squares to the corner by inserting the hook through the next stitch on both squares, pulling up a loop, leaving two on the hook, and then pull another loop through both of those, leaving one loop on the hook.

Join Square Invisibly

A mattress stitch joins squares without showing the stitching. Place the squares side by side, with the corners aligned and the right-sides facing up. Thread a large-eyed needle with a single strand of yarn, leaving a 3- to 4-inch tail. Bring the needle up from the wrong side to the right on the left square and pull the yarn through. Slip the needle through the first stitch on the right square, also from the wrong to right side. Repeat in the second stitch of each, beginning at the wrong side of the left square and ending at the right side of the right square. Continue down the edges, pulling the stitches tight every four or five stitches.

Give It a Fringe

Make your crocheted squares look like a rag quilt with a fringed joining. Cut your joining yarn into 3-inch lengths, making as many pieces as you have stitches along the joining edge. Stack the two squares and put your hook through the front, or top, loop of the first stitch on the bottom square and the back, or bottom, loop of the top square, so that the hook goes through the inner loops. Fold one of the 3-inch pieces in half to make a loop and pull the loop through the squares with your hook. Wrap the tails around the hook and pull them through the loop before pulling it tight. Continue in each stitch to the next corner. Trim the fringe as needed to make it even and the length you desire.