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How to Install Package Files That Disappear on PS3

The Sony PlayStation 3's use of package files leads to quick application installations.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

PS3 package files are normally used by developers in helping develop their PS3 games and applications, but the package files can also be used by consumers. There are many different independent PS3 applications that can be installed on the PS3 through a development tool on the PS3 main menu. If the package tool applications ever disappear because you got a new PS3, you can simply reinstall them from a flash drive.

Download the package file from one of the many different PS3 development websites. Insert a USB thumb drive into your computer's USB port.

Save the package file to the root of the thumb drive and pull the thumb drive out of the computer. Insert the thumb drive into the PS3's USB port.

Power on the PS3 and select the "Install Package Files" option from the PS3 main menu and select the package file from the USB thumb drive.

Return to the PS3 main menu when the installation completes using the "O" button on the PS3 controller. The application is now visible from the PS3 main menu.

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