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How to Identify the Model of a Hammond Organ

One of the most well-known electric organ manufacturers is Hammond, which is responsible for a variety of model types spanning decades. There are many model types and trying to tell the type by looking at the organ details is difficult. Hammond has chosen multiple places over the years to list the model number of the organ. Locate this number to verify the organ’s authenticity and help you determine the model type you own.

Look underneath the keyboard on the left or right side. This is the location of the model type and serial number for Hammond organs made in the 1970s and later. If your organ is an older model or does not have the model number under the keyboard, continue to the additional sections for more information.

Look on the back of the organ in the bottom left or right corner for an attached plate with the model number on it.

Open the organ top and check the inside of the back organ side. You may need to remove the back frame on certain console model organs to be able to see the inside back frame and locate the model number.

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