How to Host a Craft Show

How to Host a Craft Show. Craft show are very popular and are a good opportunity for talented crafters to present and sale their crafts. Many churches, schools, clubs and other organizations host craft shows throughout the year. Hosting a successful craft show is not difficult.

Determine where and when you will host the show.

Meet with the local fire marshal to determine how many people can set up tables and booths within the location and how they should be set up.

Advertise the craft show in local newspapers for the crafters and vendors. Getting the word out about the show is very important if you want a large crowd.

Announce the craft show date, time, and location to the public through the use of yard signs, newspaper advertisements and by radio about two weeks before the craft show event. Send out maps with directions on how to arrive at the craft show to all of the crafters.

Monitor everyone before, during and after the craft show to make sure all posted facility rules are being observed.

Use comment cards to collect the names and addresses of everyone in the show so you can invite them back in future shows. Allow them to write suggestions for future shows on the comment card.

Clean up the facility after the show and put everything back to its original place.


  • Provide separate dining or refreshment area away from the crafter/vendor tables. You can charge a minimal entrance fee for visitors, but this sometimes turns people away.


  • Do not overbook crafters and vendors Do not have too many of the same crafts located close to each other.