How to Hold the Trumpet While Playing

Hold the Trumpet While Playing

How to Hold the Trumpet While Playing. As any music tutor will tell you, correct posture and positioning are essential when playing the trumpet as they give you a solid foundation to build on. Holding the trumpet in the right way frees you up to worry only about the notes you blow and not the position of your thumbs.

Make a claw position with your right hand, curling your fingers as if holding a ball. Pick up the trumpet with your left hand and maintain the claw position as you apply the hand to the instrument.

Put your right thumb between the first and second valve under the lead pipe on the bottom side of the trumpet. Take your next 3 fingers and place these in descending order on the top keys at the front of the trumpet.

Leave your pinky to rest on the inside out of the way or place it on top of your third finger if this is more comfortable. Keep your right hand in this position and continue to hold the trumpet balanced on your thumb.

Take the first finger of your left hand and wrap this around the first valve. Position your second and third fingers around the third valve so you have a firm grip. Take your fourth finger into the bottom ring and hold all your fingers firmly but not rigidly in this position.

Use your left hand to support the trumpet and loosen your right hand grip so that your fingers are free to move and apply pressure to control sounds. Bring the trumpet slowly to your face and position the mouthpiece at the right angle to blow.

Relax your shoulders but keep an upright posture so you can take strong breaths and exhale a number of times to regulate your breathing and allow you to keep a steady rhythm.

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