How to Have a Hula Hoop Relay

This game joins the ranks of all the great and super simple gym games to play at camps, in gym class or in after school programs. It takes teamwork, coordination and very little preparation. Just grab a hula hoop and you're ready to go!

Split the group of participants into two separate, equal teams. To make the teams equal, pay attention to age of participants, height, strength and athletic ability. Make sure they are balanced in these categories.

Have each team line up side by side with their teammates. They must grasp hands at this point.

Starting at one end of the line, the facilitator must put the hula hoop on the arm of the first person of each team. The facilitator must then blow a whistle and each team must move the hula hoop down the row of teammates. To do this, participants must move their arms and shoulders to create a human "wave" that the hoop travels down. At no point may any of the participants break their grasp on their teammates' hands.

The first team to move the hula hoop down to the end of the line wins.


  • To make the game harder, you may add in the stipulation that there will be no talking. This way, players can't verbalize the strategy for moving the hoop.