How to Hang Party Decorations

Things You'll Need

  • Tape
  • Pushpins
  • String or twine
  • Clear fishing line
  • Ribbon
  • S-hooks or paper clips opened to an s-hook shape
  • Sturdy step stool or ladder

When hanging party decorations, there are several considerations to be made. Determine the overall look and feel of the party and the use of the decor in the theme, as well as the weight of the decoration and height above the guests before hanging decorations. Hanging decorations, whether paper lanterns, metal garden decor or seasonal decorations, requires a secure fastener to ensure a safe decoration as well as a festive one.

Outdoor decor

Determine where items should be hung by viewing the entire party area. Locations outside may require more lighting but indoor spaces may need more festive decor, such as garlands or streamers.

Outside decorations like paper lanterns or strings of lights can be placed in trees or low hanging branches and shrubs for a twinkling effect. Paper lanterns can be hung with small s-hooks or paper clips, hooking one end to the lantern's frame and the other to the tree branch. Gently bending the hook around the tree will keep the lantern in place and prevent sliding. Strings of lights can be hung the same way or wound around branches.

Hang heavier lanterns from sturdier branches or metal framework using heavy-duty s-hooks or ribbon for a coordinated look. Chandeliers can be hung from framework-like that found in a rental tent-or custom made for a "bringing the indoors out" look. Hang these using sturdy cord and have them wired by a professional.

Hang lighter decor, such as paper items or smaller glassware votives, with ribbon, clear fishing line or wire to create a floating effect. Tie the ribbon around the mouth of the glassware and place the votive inside. Use a ladder or step stool to achieve the desired height, taking into consideration the hang length of the item.

Interior Decoration

Interior decor is usually lighter in weight and can typically be fastened to a wall or surface with tape or pushpins. Place the item at desired height and push pin through item into surface. If using tape or adhesive, determine placement of item on wall, then place tape on outside of item facing wall and press decor to surface, adhering it to the wall.

Metal hooks, known as shepherd's hooks, can be an interior framework for hanging items such as flower baskets or votive candles. Hang items on the metal frame using the curved feature to hold the decoration.

It is not recommended to hang decoration from ceilings without a clear understanding of the ceiling's framework and composition.


  • Always get approval before placing tape or using pins in a wall.