How to Get Your Park Value Up in "RollerCoaster Tycoon"

Some park scenarios in “Roller Coaster Tycoon” require players to maintain a high park value. Track the park value in the money window. The game determines park value from a variety of factor including rides, maintenance and park appearance. Increasing the park value takes time. Start trying to improve the value of the park as soon as you begin the scenario. Factors like crashes and weather can have an effect on the value at any time, so raising it up as high as possible as quickly as possible provides some cushion.

Build popular rides. The better your rides, the more valuable they are to the park. Choose rides like roller coasters, thrill rides and water rides. Provide a variety of rides in a well-organized manner. For example, if you have five roller coasters, make sure they are spread throughout the park so guests can get to one of them easily. The IGN Roller Coaster Tycoon game guide recommends replacing older rides. You can put a new ride in its place, or the site recommends just building the same thing over again.

Build useful stands. Roller Coaster Tycoon offers many different types of stands. It may seem like a good idea to put Information Stalls all over the park, but they only create clutter. Place one stall in the front of the park and one near the back. Mix up the types of stalls you place in other areas. For example, two burger stalls shouldn't be close to each other. Place a burger stall on one corner and an ice cream stall in the other.

Price items fairly. If you have a high entrance fee (about $50 and more), the park rides should be free. The game suggests a price when an item is built. Stick with the suggested prices. As the park becomes more successful, increase the entrance price by clicking on the park entrance icon on the top toolbar. Do not exceed $70. Guests need money for food and souvenirs.

Add decorations to the park by clicking the landscaping tab on the top toolbar. Add fountains, gardens and statues to the park. If adding lamps and benches, remember to hire security guards to stop vandalism. Start out with two security guards. Place one at the front of the park and on one at the back. If you notice an increase in vandalism, hire another staff member.

Keep the park clean. Handymen not only sweep up paths, but mow laws and empty trash cans. Areas with food stalls or by the exits of thrill rides and roller coasters become dirtier faster. Start out with four handymen. If you notice the paths are dirty too much, hire more handymen. A large park, like Diamond Heights, needs at least ten handymen.

Mechanics keep the rides going smoothly and prevent accidents. Hire two handymen. Once you reach 10 rides, hire another one. Hire one more handymen when you reach 20 rides.


  • Save the game frequently. If something happens, quit without saving and go back to your old file.