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How to Get the Smell of Smoke Out of Guitars

Treat your guitar case as well if it also has been exposed to smoke.
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Guitarists often play in smoky venues. The smell of cigarette smoke not only clings to your hair and clothes but also can cling to your guitar. If you've played in smoky areas or if you buy a guitar that has been exposed to smoke, you may want to remove the stale stench of smoke from your instrument. The best approach is to take multiple measures to rid your guitar of its odor.

Things You'll Need:

  • Charcoal
  • Cloths
  • Scent-Neutralizing Spray
  • White Vinegar

Moisten a soft cloth with white vinegar.

Wipe down all of your guitar's surfaces with the cloth.

Dry the guitar with a clean, dry cloth.

Spray an air-freshening spray with neutralizing properties onto a clean cloth and use it to wipe down the guitar.

Dry the guitar again.

Wipe the inside and outside of your guitar case with a cloth that has been moistened with vinegar.

Dry the case or allow it to air-dry.

Wrap a paper towel around a block of charcoal and place the charcoal inside the sound hole of the guitar if your guitar has a sound hole. Then place the guitar in the case and keep the instrument flat. If your guitar doesn't have a sound hole, place the piece of charcoal inside the case in an area that won't add pressure to the guitar. Shut the case and leave the charcoal inside for several days.


Placing fabric softening sheets in your guitar case for several hours also can add an extra fresh scent to your case and instrument.

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