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How to String a Fender Mustang Guitar

String a Fender Mustang Guitar

The Fender Mustang is a classic guitar that has been used by many of rock's famous pickers. Fans of the Mustang know that one of the reasons this guitar is so popular is its tremolo system. To achieve the optimal performance from this system, you must make sure the guitar is properly strung. While the basic fundamentals of stringing any guitar are the same, the Mustang's tailpiece is built to be strung in a fashion that may be unfamiliar to first-time owners.

String a Fender Mustang Guitar

Things You'll Need:

  • Wire Cutters
  • Guitar Tuner

Loosen the locking mechanism behind the tuning peg and pull the string out out of the groove. Drag the loose string through the tailpiece to completely remove it from the guitar.

Insert the new string into the tailpiece toward the hip-side strap button.

Wrap the string under the tailpiece and pull it toward the neck of the guitar until the ball of the string locks into place. Once the string is pulled through, you can place it on the bridge to help hold it down while you tune it.

Pull the string until it is straight, but not too tight, and place the loose end into the groove of the tuning peg. Pull the string one more time to make sure it is firmly in place while you tighten the locking mechanism found behind the tuning peg.

Using a guitar tuner, tighten the string until it reaches the note E (or the number 6, depending on your tuner's setup).

Cut off the excess string, as close to the tuning peg as possible.

Repeat these steps for each of the other five strings.


Changing only one string at a time will allow your guitar to stay in tune longer with new strings.

Clipping the excess string will help you avoid cutting yourself on the sharp end of the string.


  • Always pluck each string when tuning, to avoid winding it in the wrong direction.
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