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How to Get Rid of Lava in "Minecraft"

"Minecraft" is a sandbox game that allows players to construct objects from blocks made of various materials. The game features two types of liquids: lava and water. Two types of blocks -- a source block and a flow block-- involve liquids. The source block generates liquid, which flows outward from the source into the surrounding area. Water flows outward up to seven squares from a water source block, and lava flows out to three. Using water, you can transform lava into either cobblestone or obsidian depending on whether or not the block of lava is a source.

Things You'll Need:

  • Pick Axe
  • Bucket
  • Infinite Water Spring

Creating an Infinite Water Spring

Press "E" to open your character's inventory.

Click the pickaxe and drag it to one of the nine squares at the bottom of your inventory screen.

Press "E" again to close your inventory. Press the number that corresponds to the inventory square you put your pickaxe in. For example, if your pickaxe is in the first inventory square, you would press the "1" key to equip it.

Dig a 2-by-2 hole anywhere on the map. The closer it is to the lava you want to remove, the easier it will be to get rid of the lava.

Equip a bucket from your inventory the same way that you equipped the pickaxe.

Find a source of water and right-click on it with the bucket equipped to put water inside of your bucket.

Carry the water to the 2-by-2 hole you dug and right-click to dump the water into one corner of the hole.

Fill the opposite corner of the hole with water using the same process you got water for the first corner. Once you fill both corners, the water will fill the hole, and it will refill every time you gather water from it.

Removing Lava

Use the bucket to gather water from your infinite water spring.

Drop the water over top the lava to remove it. If the lava square is a source, the water will turn the lava into obsidian. If the lava is not a source block, it will turn into cobblestone.

Use your pickaxe to clear any cobblestone or obsidian that formed from water interacting with lava. You can mine obsidian only with a diamond pickaxe.


The higher you place water along the flow of lava, the farther it will flow downward. You'll be able to eliminate multiple squares of lava by placing the water at the lava's highest point.

If you know where the source block of lava is, you can place stone blocks around the source to block the flow of lava, which will make non-source blocks disappear after several seconds.

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