How to Get Hard-Finish Spray Paint Cans

There are many types of spray paint available at your local building supply store.
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Selecting the type of spray paint you need can be tricky at times because of the vast amount of paints on the market. Spray paints which cure to a hard finish include epoxy, enamels and lacquers. All hard-finish spray paints are abrasion resistant. Nearly all spray paint manufacturers make these paints, which are available in clear, white and black. In addition, some companies make hard-finish spray paint specifically for metal, plastics or other nonporous surfaces.

Go to your local building supply store. A hardware store, craft supply store or hobby supply store also will carry spray paints.

Locate the spray paint in the store. In most stores it is usually found with the latex and acrylic interior paints. In some cases it may be secured inside a locked glass-front cabinet due to local legislation about selling spray paint to minors.

Look carefully at the cans. You are looking for words such as "epoxy enamel" or "lacquer." Most of these are considered special purpose paints. If the cans are in a locked case, have an employee unlock the case for you.

Inspect the can carefully. It should be marked on the front and back of the can that it dries to a hard finish. Some brands may mark this "ultra hard" or "dura-hard."

Select the brand, color and can you want, and take it to the cash register. You may be asked to show identification proving you are over 18 years of age before the sale is completed.