How to Get Deep Waves

Things You'll Need

  • Soft brush
  • Pomade grease for waves
  • Wave cap

Many have the misconception that people must have very soft or straight hair to get the deep waves that so many desire; however, this is not true. With a little effort and commitment, those who desire deep waves in their hair can obtain them by following a few steps.

Wet your hair. Make sure that you wet your entire head, either by placing your head under running sink water or by wetting your hair while taking a shower.

Towel dry your hair from any excess water, but do not completely dry your hair with the towel.

Apply the pomade wave grease to your hair. Apply the pomade to the crown of your head, the sides of your head and the back of your head. Make sure your entire head of hair is covered with the pomade wave grease.

Pat dry any excess water or mositure that may have accumulated from the pomade wave grease and water; however, leave an appropriate amount of moisture in your hair to accomplish the deep waves that you are striving for.

Brush your hair, starting from the top in a forward direction. You will need to brush your hair a lot in the right direction to produce the deep waves you are looking for.

Brush the sides of your hair downward, starting from the crown of your head, on each side and moving downward in a curvy, half-circular motion. You will form the curve motion, at the bottom, as you move towards your sideburns.

Brush the back of your hair, starting from the crown of your head and move in a spiral, circular motion. Brush your hair in a spiraling motion, brushing in the direction of your hair growth and cover every part of the hair as you move downward towards the hair line.

Cover your hair, tightly, with the wave cap. Wear the cap while you sleep and while you enjoy a leisurely day at home. This will help the waves to set in. Wearing the wave cap, during the night hours, will also keep the hair waves intact while you sleep.