How to Get Chosen for the "Divine Design" TV Program

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HGTV’s series "Divine Design" with host Candice Olson features home makeovers in the Toronto area and shows you each stage of the redesign project from beginning to end. Olson and the show’s cast, which includes a carpenter, a seamstress, an electrician, and a painter, design stylish and functional spaces out of the most challenging living areas. If you live in the Toronto area and are interested in having a room in your home redesigned on TV, you can apply to be chosen for the show.

Pre-screen yourself as an applicant. You must be a home owner in the Greater Toronto area with a fun or interesting story about your life or about the room you wish to be redesigned. The show looks for people with upbeat and energetic personalities between the ages of 25 to 45. The show’s ideal redesign space is one that has uncommon architectural qualities or details with minimal need for electrical or carpentry. The redesign space must be at least 15 feet by 15 feet.

Go to the Divine Design website and click "About the Show." Click "Get on the Show" and then "Application form" on the right side of the page. Print and fill out the application completely. The application is segmented into four parts. The first section requires basic information such as name, address, province, phone number, age, occupation, children, and pets. Section two asks for detailed explanations about your home such as age, style, and length of ownership. The third section looks for information regarding the room that you wish to be redesigned including its dimensions, style, and ultimate goals for the space. The fourth and final section gives you the opportunity to explain what makes you a good candidate to be on the show.

Take four photos of the design space at the widest angles to include in your application package. Also include at least one picture of yourself and family members. The final required photo is of the front exterior of your home. All photos you submit must be clear and recent. All of the photos must be included and submitted with your application. The final addition to your application is a rough, hand drawn sketch of the room.

Mail your application to Divine Design. The show will not confirm receipt of your application and does not accept phone calls or emails regarding the casting. The show will contact all considered applicants.


  • Set yourself apart from other applicants by including a video, song or poem about yourself, your family, or your home.