How to Get a Ticket to the Oscar Ceremony

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Once a year, Hollywood royalty attend the Academy Awards in California to honor the best in movies for the preceding year. Tickets to this event can be as elusive as gold dust, particularly if you're not a famous celebrity. However, while it's very rare for most people to ever attend this show, it's not entirely a pipe dream. There are a few ways you can get tickets to the Oscars that are easier than writing, directing, producing and starring in an award-worthy major motion picture.

Go to and register for tickets to sit in the bleachers that line the red carpet. Names will be drawn as part of a lottery system, as only 700 seats are available for members of the public. However, tickets are free, and it gives an incomparable view of celebrities as they arrive for the big event. While sitting in the bleachers won't get you inside the actual awards show, this is probably your best chance to attend the event.

Apply to be a "seat filler." Seat fillers literally fill the seats when celebrities and other attendees need to leave, so that when the camera pans across the audience, none of the seats look empty. You will spend the show getting up and down, and being seated in various locations, but you will at least be inside. accepts these applications.

Listen to local radio stations, read newspapers and watch local programming as the event draws closer. The Academy may release a limited number of tickets for giveaways. This very rarely happens, but it is possible.

Attend the event as a guest of someone with tickets. While most of us don't personally know famous celebrities, there's a possibility you may know someone who has worked on a nominated film, perhaps as a lighting technician or in wardrobe. Call your friends and see who knows who for your chance to attend.


  • A seat at the Oscars is the hottest ticket in town, and only those invited to attend are allowed inside. Your chances of ever seeing the show live are very slim. However, it is possible to get a seat in the bleachers outside.


  • Do not pay for tickets. Only people who are invited to the Academy Awards are allowed inside. At previous events, people who purchased scalped tickets were thrown out of the event. There is no amount of money that can buy your way into the show.


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