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How to Get a Record Deal From LaFace Records

LaFace Records
LaFace Records

LaFace Records has produced numerous bestselling music acts, including Outkast, P!nk, TLC, Tony Braxton, Ciara and Usher. Considering its roster of talent, getting signed to the LaFace label will be very difficult, but knowledge of the company's history, genre of music it produces and the artists presently signed to it can help improve your odds.

Make sure you have talent in the genre of music LaFace Records produces. That would be rap, hip-hop, R&B and some of the closely related subgenres. Listen to the artists on the LaFace label to understand the kind of music they've produced in the past and are putting out now. Before approaching any talent scout or label boss at LaFace, be really honest with yourself about how good you are and how much more practice you might need to become a prime-time recording artist. Given that LaFace has produced internationally renowned acts, you obviously need to be talented and seriously committed to the music business to even have a shot at joining their team.

Prove that you've got musical talent. Record some demo tracks or even an entire CD, create a website and create accounts at free social networking sites like MySpace and YouTube to broadcast your music. If you're talented and a good marketer, you'll not only prove your musical bonafides, you might also cultivate a small fan base, which can be used as leverage when you approach the LaFace label executives. Nobody can argue with popularity or talent. If you get big enough on your own, LaFace might even come looking for you.

Try to get the attention of an artist on the LaFace label. Given that you probably like the artist's music and might even have drawn influence from her in your career, there is an outside chance she'll take a listen to your material and, if she likes it, recommend you to the LaFace label bosses. Most of the time, you can't contact these artists directly, but with some searching you can find their agents or talent managers and send your inquiries to them. Keep in mind that popular musicians like Outkast, Ciara and Usher get loads of fan mail and are very busy people, so the chance of getting their attention is rather small. But if you've already taken steps to prove you're a talented, committed artist, it's certainly worth a try.

Stay persistent. Just because LaFace might not be interested in your material now doesn't mean they won't be in the future. Stay focused on getting better in your songwriting and performance, and in time your talent will speak for itself.


  • LaFace Records is a prime-time music label, and there's no small number of people who would like to join them. There's a lot competition, and the odds of rising to the top are rather small.
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