How to Get a Photo Pass for a Warped Tour?

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Things You'll Need

  • Editorial assignment
  • Press request form

Every year Warped Tour features dozens of bands playing rock, punk, ska, emo, hardcore, pop and more. Photographers are always on hand to capture memorable photos of this summer festival, which draws thousands of people. Getting a photo pass gives you access to spots close to the stages, improving your photos and lessening the chance your camera gets damaged by crowd surfers or energetic audiences.

Attain an editorial assignment from a music media outlet, such as a print, online or TV outlet. Warped Tour requires this. They won’t give you a photo pass to take photos for your blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or other similar website or if you’re just trying to build up your portfolio.

Send an email to Libby Coffey ( and Bari Lieberman (,) but not before March or April of the year you want to take photos at Warped Tour. In the email, request a press request form.

Fill out the press request form and mail it back to the Libby Coffey and Bari Lieberman.

Send a recent copy of your publication, if you work for a print outlet, to Libby Coffey and Bari Lieberman at MSO in Sherman Oaks, California.