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How to Enlarge Photos for Wall Art

Digital photo technology offers the option of enlarging photos to such an extreme that you can make wall art out of them. You have a couple of options when choosing this unusual and eye-catching style of wall decoration.

Order Photos Enlarged Via the Internet

Choose a photo and upload it to the website of a company that provides enlargement and printing service. You can opt for an oversized photo poster that will be hung on a wall and cover just part of that wall, a large custom wallpaper that stretches from floor to ceiling or a wall cling that is just the shape of a single object, such as the life-size football player shown on the Mpix website.

Choose the size you need and make sure the photo's resolution is adequate for that size. The website should tell you if your photo does not have a high enough resolution, in which case you should choose another photo.

Preview the enlargement and place your order. Enter contact and payment information and approve the preview. Your order will be shipped to you when it is ready.

Order Poster-sized Enlargements from a Local Photo Printing Service

Bring your photo to a store that does photo prints and enlargements. Many stores that develop film and print photos can print large post-sized photos. Office supply stores such as Staples and stores that provide document services such as The UPS Store may also provide this service. Check with the individual store about how you can deliver your photo to them. They may let you email it to them, or they may be able to copy it directly from your camera. They should certainly be able to copy it from a USB thumb drive or a CD. JPEG or PNG files are recommended by most services, and the highest resolution your camera can create is best for enlargements.

Choose a size, discuss any image editing or cropping that may need to be done, and place your order. You may bring them a photo they can enlarge as is, but if the dimensions are not perfect they may need to crop or resize the photo in some way to make it fit the size of the enlargement you have chosen.

Wait for the printing to be done and go back and pick it up. This type of enlargement is not usually a quick operation that can be done while you wait. Expect to have to wait anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks for your order to be ready.

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