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How to Get a CD Out of the Case

CD cases open out like books and have a circular bit of plastic to hold the center of the disc.
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Removing the CD from the case is the only thing you have to do after buying it to be able to insert the disc into your CD player and enjoy the music. Most CD come in jewel cases, which are plastic boxes that open up like books, and have a circular space for the CD in the middle. Some CDs come in other types of packaging, such as cardboard. Learning to get the CD out of these different types of case can help you enjoy your purchase.

Open the CD case. Locate the hinge side of the CD case by looking for a long, vertical strip of plastic to the left of the cover. The front piece of the CD case has two lips in the left corners that grab onto the top and bottom of this section. Pick up the CD case so the opposite edge, usually the right edge, of the case is facing you. Use your thumbs to pull the front and back of the case apart, and open it up like a book.

Open cardboard CD cases in the same way. Cardboard CD cases don’t have the vertical strip of plastic on the left-hand side, but they generally open much easier. Hold the CD so you can read the writing on the front cover, and open it up from the right. Sometimes, cardboard CD cases have two pieces of cardboard covering the CD, folded over from opposite sides. Open the second “cover” out from left to right to reveal the CD.

Locate the middle of the CD. CD cases almost all have some plastic that sits in the middle of the CD and holds it in place. This will often be made up of tiny, inward curved hooks that point in to the center. Place your index finger on this center point.

Grip the outer edges of the CD with your middle finger and thumb. Generally, there will be space at the top and bottom of the CD to do this, but in some cardboard cases, there are finger spaces towards the corners of the CD case. In this case, use these finger spaces to grip the CD with your thumb and middle finger.

Pull up the CD with your thumb and middle finger, pushing lightly down with your index finger. The CD will come out of the case and be held between your thumb and middle finger. Avoid touching the CD on the shiny silver side because this can leave fingermarks and cause the CD to skip.

Check inside the cardboard covers on some CD cases. Some CDs that come in cardboard cases don’t have the stereotypical plastic CD holder. Instead, the CD is found inside the front or inside cover. Apply light pressure to the top and bottom of the cover to see if it opens out. Look inside this sleeve to locate the CD. Remove the CD by gripping the closest edge with your thumb and index finger.

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