How to Frame Art Yourself

Things You'll Need

  • Frame
  • Mounting board
  • Photograph corners or hinging tape
  • Glue
  • Tacks or staples

Artwork makes for a great way to decorate your home. It can be relatively easy to get photographs and art prints that are beautiful and relatively inexpensive. However, the framing of the picture can be expensive. You can learn how to frame artwork yourself to save money and get exactly the look you want.

Select your frame. The type of frame you use depends on what kind of art you are framing. Paintings typically are framed with wood, whereas photos tend to have metallic frames.

Measure the art you want to frame. Use a ruler or a tape measure to get the exact dimensions of the piece of art.

Purchase a mounting board. This will provide a background to help protect the artwork and also will help give the frame something to attach to. Pick out a mounting board that is bigger by a few inches (both lengthwise and in width) than the art you are going to frame.

Adhere the artwork to the mounting board. You want to be careful so you don't damage it, especially if it is a print or a picture. You can use photograph corners or hinging tape to attach the art to the mounting board without damaging the artwork.

Make your frame. You should make your frame slightly larger than your mounting board, and large enough so that it won't cover up the artwork. You can either use a pre-made frame or construct one from wood or other materials. Glue the frame materials together.

Attach the mounting board to the frame. You can do this either using small tacks, staples or tape.