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How to Flatten a Wrinkled Picture

An iron can fix creased photos in no time flat.
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When stored incorrectly, your treasured photo keepsakes may end up warped and wrinkled. Flattening photos to bring them back to life can take a little work, but your treasured mementos are well worth it. With the help of your trusty ironing board, you can de-wrinkle any photo in a matter of minutes.

Things You'll Need:

  • Brown Paper Bag
  • Ironing Board
  • Iron

Turn your iron on. Set it on the lowest heat setting. You can adjust the heat later, if the low setting is not working, but you want to start cautiously.

Allow the iron to fully heat up before you begin ironing. As you wait, tear a large piece of a brown paper bag -- one large enough to cover your photo -- and place it on top of the photo to protect it from potential heat damage.

Place the photo face-down on your ironing board. You want to heat the back of the photo, because directly heating the front can cause damage to the image.

Pass the iron gently over the photograph for a few seconds. don't apply pressure. Evaluate the crease site, and continue ironing as needed.


If you don't have an ironing board handy, you can set the photograph on a large flat surface, such as a kitchen table or even on a flat, hard floor.


  • Avoid ironing over areas that have been taped; the heat of the iron will melt the tape and cause a sticky, unsightly mess.
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