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How to Fix Peeling Paint on Plastic

Painted materials, especially plastic, have presented a challenge for owners for a long time. Painted materials get dirty, get dimmer and can eventually peel. If peeling paint isn't dealt with as quickly as possible, the broken seal can cause the problem to spread. Fortunately, for the do-it-yourself sort of person, there is a reliable way to fix peeling paint on plastic.

Things You'll Need:

  • Cleaning Agent
  • Sandpaper
  • Paintbrush
  • Two Cloths
  • Paint
  • Paint Scraper

Remove all peeling paint from the affected area. Peeled paint is not savable and should be removed as thoroughly as possible. Pull larger sections of peeling paint away with your hands gently, being careful not to remove viable paint. Remove smaller sections of peeled paint with a paint scraper.

Sand down the edges of the peeled paint. Rough edges on the area where the peel was can make your repairs ineffective. Apply the surface of the sandpaper down against the edges of the peeled area. Gently slide the sandpaper back and forth, careful not to damage viable paint. Sand down all the way around until the peeled edges are smooth.

Clean the area of the peel and surrounding environment. Dirt, dust, grease and grime can make it difficult for the paint to properly bond to the plastic surface. Mix a solution of hot water and dish soap, or preferred all-purpose cleaning agent. Wet a cloth and clean in and around the area of the peel. Dry the area thoroughly after it is cleaned.

Select a suitable paint for the job, ideally a paint that has been specifically designed to bond to plastic surfaces. Most paint stores have experienced employees who can assist in paint choice, as well as color matching.

Paint in the peeled area. Apply enough paint to the brush so that it is wet with paint, but not dripping. Brush the paint over the peeled area, being sure to fully coat it. Give the paint enough time to fully dry, and then check to see if it needs another coat. Paint a second coat for full color coverage, if necessary.


Paint a small patch of paint on the bottom of the plastic object before painting a large area to make sure the colors match.


  • Be careful when using a paint scraper. If you scrape towards your body, you may accidentally stab yourself if the scraper slips.
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