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How to Fix an Umbrella With a Broken Rod

The rod of an umbrella must be working for it to open properly.
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A strong wind in a rainstorm can crack the wooden rod of an umbrella. Although the rod is the stationary part of umbrella, the folding mechanism depends on its support, and without it, the fabric cover will not open. If the umbrella is a favorite, it is worth repairing. Repairing an umbrella is similar to repairing a fishing rod or other pole.

Things You'll Need:

  • Super Glue
  • Masking Tape

Push the umbrella open so the entire rod is visible. Hold the umbrella in your non-dominant hand and carefully open it with your other hand so the rod does not split further.

Run your hands over the pole and locate the spot on the rod that is broken. Hold the umbrella and check to see if it bends when you are not supporting it.

Press the two sides of the split in the rod together and run a bead of super glue along the edges. Press the two pieces together carefully, so they fit together perfectly. Hold the join tightly, or tape it with masking tape and allow it to rest for five minutes to let the super glue set up.

Locate any other splits the rod and glue them in the same manner. Allow the umbrella to sit over night. Check to make sure the glue has bonded properly. Open and close the umbrella to make sure it stays intact.

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