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How to Find the Value of an Upright Hallet Davis Piano

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Hallet Davis began making pianos in 1835 and was among the first companies to build pianos in Boston. Many famous musicians have selected Hallet Davis pianos as their instruments of choice. To determine the value of a Hallet Davis upright piano, identifying the serial number determines the age of the instrument, which (depending on condition) then determines the value. Online resources, books and piano appraisal technicians can help find the value.

Use an online resource such as the Lindeblad Piano website to locate the serial number of your piano, which can be used to determine the age and value of the instrument. Look at the locations marked with an "S" and search for a five- or six-digit serial number. If you can't locate the serial number, click on the "Contact Us" link on the Lindeblad page and attach an image of the piano to an email. You will receive a reply indicating the age of the instrument.

Use an online resource such as the Piano World website to help determine the value based on the age of your upright Hallet Davis piano. If the serial number reveals the piano was built before 1930, get an approximate value based on the condition of the instrument. Under "Piano Information" on the site, scroll down the window on the left side of the screen and click on "Piano Value" for more information.

Use the "Bluebook of Pianos" by Bob Furst to determine the value of your piano. Cross-reference the manufacturer (Hallet Davis) with the style (upright), the year and the serial number. Consider the condition your piano is in to determine an approximate value.

Purchase an appraisal of your piano. Visit a local music instrument retail store and ask for a qualified technician to recommend a piano appraiser. The appraiser may come to your home to examine the piano or require you to submit photographs and other relevant information such as the serial number or date the instrument was built to determine the value.

Use an online resource to purchase an appraisal of your piano. Fill out the required fields of an online appraisal service such as those that are listed on the Bluebook of Pianos Appraisal Form website. Select the type of piano, the condition and enter the serial number. Attach photographs to the form for a more accurate appraisal.


Use a website such as The Piano Man Inc. to view photographs of upright Hallet Davis pianos and read technical specifications such as the types of woods used. This information may assist an appraiser in determining the value of your piano.


  • Appraisers charge a fee for their services.
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