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How to Find Out What Kind of Jackson Guitar I Have

Jackson guitars, which are notoriously outlandish and always attention-getting, have earned a reputation over the past several decades as the axe of choice for those who want to get the ultimate bang for their buck. Due to the history of the Jackson brand and the use of many of its guitars by popular bands, the Jackson line of guitars are sought after, bought and sold many times over. One unfortunate consequence of this activity is that many Jackson owners wind up with a Jackson guitar but don’t know which one it is. Luckily, it’s not difficult to determine which Jackson guitar you own.

Go to the Jackson Guitar support page (see Resources.) Click the "Support" menu option on the right side of the screen, and then click “Serial Number and Product Dating Information" on the next menu.

Examine your guitar to find its serial number. If you have a bolt-on neck, the serial number should be stamped into the neck plate. If you have a neck-through-body model, the serial number should be stamped onto the fingerboard at the last fret.

Look up your serial number in the appropriate table. For bolt-on models, check the table at the top of the page. For neck-through-body models, check the table at the bottom of the page.

Match the serial number with both the category and year in the table to figure out which guitar you have. For example, if your serial number is "0001JJ-0091JJ," you have a ’94 Jackson Junior guitar.


If you can’t find a serial number anywhere on your guitar, or the one you find doesn’t match one in the tables on the support page, it’s likely that you have a knock-off guitar instead of a true Jackson guitar.

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