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How to Find Music Sponsors

Finding a sponsor for a music program can be challenging.
music book. manuscript. music score image by L. Shat from Fotolia.com

Music is a universal experience that most people enjoy immensely. Although music is widely enjoyed, it is not always widely funded. Whether it's a school choral or band program or a band that is trying to get its start, finding funds for instruments, supplies and activities sometimes can be quite challenging. Fortunately, there are ways to find the money that you need for music through the support of sponsors. You can find a music sponsor by following some basic guidelines.

Prepare a letter explaining who your group is, what you do and why you need sponsorship. Provide details concerning exactly what sponsorship money will be used for. You're more likely to find financial support if potential sponsors understand your efforts and how their money will be used.

Create recordings of your music so that you can give them as samples to potential sponsors. If sponsors like what they hear, they may be more willing to support you.

Consult those with personal interest in your efforts first. If you're pursuing a personal music venture, talk to family and friends about contributions. If you're looking for money for a school group, seek assistance from parents and teachers.

Visit local businesses. If you can offer advertisements for these businesses, they may support you. You can advertise by including ads in programs that you print for performances.

Contact local radio stations to see if they can network you to sponsors that you may not have contacted yet. This also can lead to sponsorship on a larger scale if the popularity of your music grows.

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