How to Find Free Crochet Patterns

Things You'll Need

  • Library card
  • Library branch
  • Computer with Internet connection
  • Printer
  • Copier

How to Find Free Crochet Patterns. Maybe there is a special baby about to be born or you want to make something lacy and delicate for a wedding or winter is inspiring you to make a warm scarf. Terrific! Here's how you can find the crochet patterns you need to make the things you want...all for free.

Grab your library card and head off to your local branch. Many crocheters forget that there is a great source of books loaded with crochet patterns, and all of them are free to use. Ask the librarian about the interlibrary loan service if they do not have a pattern you would like to use. That service is also free.

Look up the major crafts store chains websites for quick and easy free patterns. allows you to search their pattern archive with very specific criteria to narrow down the choices available. Michaels is a little harder to sift through, but it does rate the difficulty of their projects from 1 to 5.

Visit the Lion Brand Yarn website to browse through hundreds of free crochet patterns. They have their patterns broken down into categories (general, children, for the home, infants, pets, teen/young adult). Patterns are rated for difficulty and are available for free when you register on the site.

Go to the Crochet Treasures website to find vintage crochet patterns. Here you can download patterns that are probably older than your grandmother. This is an especially terrific site if you are looking to crochet a delicate, lacy bedspread from mercerized cotton.

Check out the patterns available on the Caron International website. Caron is another major yarn manufacturer and has some very beautiful and up-to-date patterns available for downloading off their website.


  • If you decide to use a search engine to find your pattern, be sure to narrow down the results by specifying what you are looking for. For example, if you want to find a baby blanket with ducks, use "baby blanket ducks free crochet" to save time looking through thousands of web pages that won't have what you need.