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How to Find a Song in a Movie

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Some of the most beautiful and catchy songs can be heard in movies. Unless you have access to the credits at the end of the movie, identifying the song can be challenging. Movie soundtracks are rarely played on the radio. Although it does happen occasionally, most soundtracks are also not available to be purchased (or downloaded) in their entirety. You can often find a song in a movie by using your computer.

Type in the name of the movie on a website that specializes in movies. The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is a popular choice because of its extensive accumulation of information about movies, including soundtracks.

Type the title of the movie in an Internet search engine. Unless it's really obscure, you will be directed to various websites that contain information about the movie.

Type phrases such as "melody search,'' "finding melodies'' and "finding songs by melody'' on an Internet search engine. Check the website services that come up to see how they want you to input the melody of the song.

Follow the instructions of the website. Common ways to find the name of the song are to hum (or sing) the melody into a microphone connected to your computer, tap the rhythm of the song on your computer's keyboard or type in the melody on a virtual piano keyboard. A virtual piano keyboard is an Internet tool on which you can play a song by clicking on various keys.

Type in the name of the artist on a search engine, if you know who recorded the song. The names of the artists who recorded or wrote the song can also often be found by following the instructions listed above in Step 1. You often will be directed to a website that includes the names of the artist's songs. Look for titles that remind you of the song, or listen to part of the songs.

Type a few lyrics or lyrical phrases from the song into a search engine. Place quote marks before and after the lyrics and phrase. Also, type in the word "lyrics'' before or after the words that are in quotes. Hit search and see if the name of the song comes up.


Finding your song by humming or tapping the melody does not always work. The success rate of a song-finding service largely depends on the number of songs in its library. Obviously, some people can hum a song a lot better than others.

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