How to Find 1/32 on a Ruler

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If your child does not know how to read a ruler and you want to teach him, then there a few simple steps you can follow. With a little practice, your child will be measuring within the hour. Practice and becoming familiar with the numbers and measurements on the face of the ruler are key to mastering this task. These steps will teach your child how to locate 1/32-inch on a ruler.

Explain what the ruler is, a stick used to measure the length of objects, and the numbers listed on the ruler. A 12-inch ruler will have inch marks listed by numerals 1 through 12. In between each of the numerals are small dash marks of varying degrees that represent smaller measurements.

Identify whether your 12-inch ruler is divided into eighths or sixteenths. You can determine this by counting the number of vertical dashes that follow each numeral. An 1/8-inch ruler will have seven dashes between the numerals and the 1/16-inch ruler will have 15 dashes between the numerals.

Count from the end of your ruler to the first inch mark, symbolized by the numeral "1." If you are adding in eighths, you will arrive at 1/32-inch on your fourth dash. If you are adding in sixteenths, you will arrive at 1/32-inch on your second dash.


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