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How to Figure Out Your CP in "Mabinogi"

CP, or Combat Power, is a value assigned to monsters in Mabinogi. There is an equation players can use to find their character’s CP. This allows players to figure out how strong their character is compared to the monsters they are fighting. There is a Skill Combat Power and a Stat Combat Power. The combined values of these two CPs equal the character’s Actual Combat Power. Both the Skill CP and the Stat CPs are increased depending on the rank of the skill or stat.

Review the chart on the "Combat Power" page of the Mabinogi World Wiki to find which of your two skills have the highest CP. Only the highest two skills are calculated in the Actual CP value. Take the value of the highest skill and add it to half the value of the second highest skill. For example: Highest skill CP is a Rating 9 Fireball, a 240 value, and the second highest is a Rating 9 Magic Mastery, a 220 value. Add as follows: 240 + 110 = 350. Write this number down.

Write down your base health. Example: 100.

Calculate half your Mana and write it down. Example: 40 / 2 = 20.

Calculate half your Stamina and write it down. Example: 80 / 2 = 40.

Write down your Base Strength. Example: 80.

Multiply your Base Intelligence by .2 and write it down. Example: 20 X .2 = 4.

Multiply your Base Dexterity by .1 and write it down. Example: 30 X .1 = 3.

Multiply your Base Will by .5 and write it down. Example: 80 X .5 = 40.

Multiply your Base Luck by .1 and write it down. Example: 10 X .1 = 1.

Add all the written values together to find your Actual Combat Power. Example: 350 + 100 + 20 +40 + 80 + 4 + 3 + 40 + 1 = 638.


See the "Combat Power Modifiers" page in the Mabinogi World Wiki for enchantments that can alter your character’s CP.

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