How to Exude Charm Like Matthew McConaughey

How to Exude Charm Like Matthew McConaughey. Matthew McConaughey's charm is legendary. It's no doubt helped him in his acting career, not to mention his personal life. After all--how many other celebrities could get arrested for naked late-night bongo drumming sessions and still be accepted by the public? Some might say that Matthew McConaughey's charm is a gift, but the following steps can help you muster some of that McConaughey magic for yourself.

Be happy with your place in life. Part of Matthew's cool confidence is his genuine satisfaction with where he is and what he's doing. Matthew says, "I am having a good time, more fun now than I've ever been having, actually, in 13 years of my career... getting older, 36, is cool."

Mind your manners. You can't charm others with rudeness. Matthew is mannerly with everyone from co-stars, to fans, to the press, which many attribute to his southern small-town upbringing.

Respond to compliments with humor. Not to be confused with self-deprecation, you can accept a compliment humbly and still laugh it off the same time. Matthew demonstrates this in his reaction to "People" magazine voting him Sexiest Man Alive by saying, "My mom's very happy, too."

Help your furry friends. There are few things more charming than kindness to animals. Matthew rescued various orphaned animals in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, not to mention a cat in California from animal abuse.

Relax. Matthew engages in a variety of activities that relax the body, mind and soul, such as yoga, meditation and cycling.

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