How to Engrave Jewelry

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Clear mylar plastic
  • Kerosene lamp or candle
  • Graver
  • Fine sand paper or file

How to Engrave Jewelry. Engraving jewelry by hand is a skill that takes many years to master. Learn to engrave on virtually any surface. With careful design and skill as an engraver it is possible to engrave simple or advanced artwork onto metals and stone. Learning this skill is most easily achieved when there is guidance by a professional hand engraver.

Outline the piece of jewelry that is going to be engraved. Make the outline to the exact scale as the jewelry.

Choose or sketch a design that is simple for the first few time you engrave. Transfer the completed design to the jewelry by laying a piece of mylar on the sketch and tracing the design onto the mylar.

Hold the mylar over the smoke from a kerosene lamp or a candle to blacken it with smoke. Transfer the design to the jewelry by laying the mylar on the jewelry and rubbing the smoke onto the piece.

Follow the tracing lines on the jewelry with a graver to cut the design into the jewelry. Work slowly to make precise cuts into the jewelry.

Create a raised design by cutting away the areas that surround the design. Follow the outline of the design to accurately cut away the areas right next to the design.

Gently file or sand down the edges of the design to remove any slivers or rough edges.