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How to End a Color Zone on a Weaving Loom

Tired of messy crafts? Weaving is a breeze to clean up.
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The Color Zone weaving loom is a family favorite because it is easy to use from a very young age. Children are proud to be able to weave usable potholders using this simple loom, but they often have trouble understanding how to end the project and hand it off to the adults around them. Edging the potholder is not as hard as it looks. It just requires some eye-hand coordination.

Things You'll Need:

  • Color Zone Loom
  • Loopers
  • Size K Crochet Hook Or Included Hook

Warp the loom by hooking one end of a looper on a peg, stretching it across the loom and placing the other end of the loop on the peg directly across the loom. Put one looper on each pair of pegs.

Weave by shuttling the hook perpendicular to the warp over one looper, under the next, over and under until you have reached the end of the warp. Put a looper in the hook. Catch the end of the loop on the first peg and pull the hook until the loop is stretched through the entire warp. Catch the other end of the loop on the peg across from the initial peg. Continue weaving each additional looper until the loom is completely filled.

Start finishing the project at one corner of the loom. Pull the loop off the peg with the hook and transfer it to the neighboring peg. There are now two loops on the second peg.

Pull the bottom loop over the top loop on the peg. Pull the remaining loop onto the neighboring peg. Continue to pull the bottom loop over the top loop and pull the remaining loop onto the neighboring peg until you have gone around the entire loom and there is only one loop left.

Tie the final loop off to keep it from unraveling. This will be the hanging loop for the potholder.


If one of the loops will not stretch across the entire loom, do not force it. Set it aside and use a different one. Forcing a loop over the pegs may break off a peg.

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