How to Embroider With Fabric Paint

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric Paints
  • Cross-stitch Fabrics
  • Scrap Fabrics
  • Children's T-shirts
  • Needlepoint Fabrics
  • Fabrics
  • Fabric Paint Pens
  • Plastic Paint Applicator Bottles
  • Socks
  • Fabric Paint Projects

How to Embroider With Fabric Paint. Embroidered fabric projects are beautiful, but take a lot of time. You can create an embroidery-like effect on just about any fabric with the right fabric paint and applicators.

Look for fabric paints labeled "liquid embroidery," "three-dimensional" or "puff paint." These paints can be laundered and will not crack or peel over time.

Choose fabric paints that come in small squeeze bottles with fine applicator tips. You can apply the paint to the fabric directly from the bottle.

Look for small plastic applicator bottles made especially for fabric painting. These come with a variety of tip sizes that allow you to make wide to extra-fine lines.

Look for fabric paint pens. Paint pens come in a variety of colors with a wide range of tip sizes and work like ballpoint pens. These pens are great for detail work and allow for a little more control over the paint lines than applicator bottles.

Decide on a project. You can paint shirts, socks or create a true embroidery-like effect on cross-stitch or needlepoint fabric.

Transfer your chosen design onto the fabric. If you work from a project that comes with instructions, use the recommended transfer method. Also refer to "How to Transfer a Design to Fabric."

Touch the tip of your paint applicator to the fabric and squeeze gently to apply. The harder you squeeze, the wider the paint line will be.


  • Check the label on your fabric paint for any special instructions and to make sure that it is appropriate for your chosen fabric. Practice on scrap fabric until you are able to lay down the paint lines with accuracy. Rinse applicator bottles with water immediately after use.

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