How to Embroider With a Singer Futura

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Things You'll Need

  • Personal Computer with Windows 98 or later, and the Futura software installed
  • Thread
  • Fabric
  • Fabric stabilizer
  • Scissors

The Singer Futura sewing machine works with your personal computer to embroider designs. Many steps are required to prepare your Singer Futura sewing machine to embroider, but you may find that it's still faster than hand embroidery. The Futura software comes with embroidery designs and allows you to use designs downloaded from the Internet or copied from a CD.

Turn off the sewing machine and raise the standard foot. Loosen the screw holding the foot in place with the screwdriver provided with your Singer Futura sewing machine. Remove the foot. Attach the embroidery foot and re-insert the foot screw and tighten.

Remove the extension table and lower the feed dogs. Remove the connector cap exposed when you removed the extension table. Attach the embroidery unit to the machine, joining the connectors on the machine and the unit.

Set the thread tension to "E."

Turn on your personal computer. Attach the USB cable included with your sewing machine to the personal computer and to the sewing machine.

Raise the sewing machine needle to its highest position and turn on the machine.

Launch the Futura program on your personal computer by double-clicking on the desktop icon. Select an embroidery design using the software. Thread your sewing machine the same way as for standard sewing, using the first color thread required for your selected design.

Place your stabilizer and fabric in one of the embroidery hoops provided with the machine. Place the embroidery hoop on the embroidery unit under the sewing machine's presser foot. Line up and tighten the screws on the embroidery unit's mounting bracket, fastening the hoop.

In the Futura software, right-click outside of the frame surrounding the selected image. Select "Apply" from the context-sensitive menu that appears. Select "Transmit to Futura machine" from the "File" menu.

Lower the sewing machine's presser foot. In the Futura software, click the "Send Block" button in the dialog box.

Press the "Start/Stop" button on the front of your sewing machine, and the machine will start sewing the first color of your design. The machine will stop automatically when it is finished with the first color. Cut the thread and re-thread the machine with the second color.

In the Futura software, click the ">>" button in the dialog box and then "Send Block". Press the "Start/Stop" button on your showing machine and continue as for the first color. Repeat these steps for each additional color your selected design requires.

Raise the presser foot when the sewing machine has finished sewing the last color of the design. Cut the thread, loosen the mounting screws holding the embroidery hoop on the embroidery unit and pull the embroidery hoop towards you to remove it.


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