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How to Dye Lace With Coffee

Lace can be dyed to give it an antiqued look.
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White lace can be dyed with coffee or tea to give it the antiqued and browned look of old lace. This is an easy and cheap way to change the color of lace if it's too white or not dark enough for your room. Coffee that is too strong will make very dark lace and coffee that is too weak will not dye the lace much at all.

Things You'll Need:

  • 2 Tbsp. Vinegar
  • Lace Swatches
  • 1 Cup Coffee

Soak your lace and swatches of lace in water before starting.

Prepare your coffee mixture; it can be hot or cold, but hot will create a darker color than cold. You can experiment with the temperature to create the perfect shade.

Dip a swatch in the mixture and watch the color of the lace; do not allow it to get too dark. When it has reached the desired color, remove the swatch.

Rinse the swatch until it runs clear.

Repeat the dipping process if you require a darker or lighter color; it can be repeated as many times as you require.

Dip the full lace the same amount of time as you dipped the swatches to create your antiqued lace.


If the color is wrong, change the concentration of the coffee by adding more water or less coffee.


  • If the coffee is hot, be careful when dipping the lace.
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