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How to Dress for Breakdancing

Young man breakdancing near yellow wall.

The clothes you use for breakdancing should show off your personal sense of style and color. If you are putting together a breakdancing crew, you should get together with your crew to discuss any colors you will use and clothing options.

Choose a ball cap (lid) with your favorite sports team logo or other logo you like. While ball caps are most popular, any hat showing your personal style will work. Pick the color to go with your clothes.

Dress your dome with a headband to keep sweat out of your eyes and show off your personal style.

Use a bandana with or without a hat to keep your head covered in style. A bandana can also keep you cool by soaking up sweat.

Bust out the bling. Add some gold chains around your neck for the look of a great breakdancer, but remove chains before dancing.

Wear a t-shirt that fits tight but does not restrict movement. Shirts with logos are popular.

Dress in a hoodie (hooded sweatshirt) to add some old school flare to your breakdancing clothes.

Put on some faded, beat up jeans with holes. Make sure the jeans fit well and are not too baggy. You can also wear jumpsuit pants.

Choose comfortable socks to help your feet stay solid in your shoes. Breakdancing requires lots of footwork and good socks will help.

Put on your kicks (shoes). Basketball shoes by Adidas, Converse and Nike are always popular. Shoes should slide easy but also provide solid footing.

Add headphones or the popular ear buds and a MP3 player to listen to music alone while practicing your moves.

Put on some shades (sunglasses) to protect your eyes from the sun when waiting for your turn to breakdance outside. You will need remove the glasses before breakdancing.

Keep hands dry by wearing arm bands to absorb sweat. If breaking in a dark area, white gloves can show off hand movements.


Make sure you have room to move in your clothes. Headgear may be needed if you plan on spinning on your head or performing stalls. Hit up some garage sales to find uniques clothes at very low prices. Popular brands include Adidas, Nike, Converse, Tribal, Urbanwear and anything representing sports teams. Think "urban" when looking for clothes.


  • Avoid excessively baggy clothes that will get in your way while you breakdance. Stay away from tight jeans or pants which will restrict movement.
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