How to Draw Seascape Drawings

Things You'll Need

  • Drawing paper
  • Colored pencils

A seascape is a landscape drawing that features the ocean and elements along the shore of the ocean. Seascapes have been the subject of drawings and paintings for generations of artists. Seascapes offer challenges and artistic possibilities that make them ideal subjects for artists of all levels.

Draw a horizon line across the paper, lightly, in pencil where you want the sea and the land to meet. This will be used to sketch the basic composition of your drawing.

Sketch some jagged structures on each side of the horizon line for rocks and cliffs. Sketch in some curved lines above the horizon line for the waves of the water. These curved lines can be small or large, depending upon how rough you want the water to look.

Draw any additional elements you want below the horizon line. Drawing small seashells of various sizes and shapes can give your image more authenticity. A piece of dead wood can also enhance the drawing.

Thicken the curved lines for waves and color the water with a mix of blue and green, using colored pencils. Color white around the tips of the waves to create the foamy caps on the waves. Use a blend of gray and black on the rocks and color them with sideways strokes to give the rocks a textured appearance. Use a brown pencil for the sand. Color the entire beach section with the pencil, then add darker streaks throughout to help bring out a sandy texture.