How to Draw Feet and Shoes

All drawings by Joelle

Things You'll Need

  • Drawing pencil
  • Drawing paper
  • Small tortillion

Learning to draw involves learning a bunch of different techniques and building on these techniques. Feet are the foundation of every character ever drawn.

Draw a triangle with a rounded bottom and draw a upright cup with lines intersecting.

Add another column-like feature that branches out from the base of the triangle. Add a circular oval at the end.

Add five triangles coming off the circle.

Outline the foot you drew and erase the indicator lines.

Indicate your ankle lines and add nails to your toes.

Start with your dark tones and blend out into your midtones and lighttones with your tortillion.

Draw a half circle.

Draw an oval. Connect both the half circle and the oval with lines.

Draw five circles on top of your half circle.

Trace the outline and indicate foot, heel, and toe pads.

Start with your darktones and use your tortillion to blend to your midtones.

Draw two rounded base triangles and draw two lines stemming from them.

Make the base of your triangle look 3D by drawing a curved line behind your base. Draw 3D blocks that stem from the base of your triangle.

Draw a line that wraps almost behind the blocks that you have drawn.

Add a secondary wavy line above the one you drew previously. Add the tops of your shoes. I have drawn the hightops here, but you can draw any kind of shoe that you want. Add half-circles to indicate the tongues of the shoes.

Erase the block you drew in step 2. Add shoelaces.

Shade the shoes.


  • On the inside of the foot, curve the lines inside to mimic the shape of a real foot Shoelaces can be added by drawing criss-crossing lines Try decorating your shoes