How to Draw Curtains

By Leslie Rose ; Updated September 15, 2017

Knowing how to draw curtains can be useful if you are studying interior design, or if you are completing plans for a room that you're designing or remodeling. The curtains described are a simple cut with tabs holding up each panel, hanging from a curtain rod at the top. More complicated curtains would involve a valance and tie-backs, which can be added to this design as needed.

Draw two horizontal parallel lines connected at the ends, forming a bar that the curtains will hang from.

Draw a series of rectangular tabs, evenly spaced, over the left side of the bar. These represent the tabs that the curtain panel will hang from.

Draw a line horizontal that curves up and down as it connects to the bottoms of each tab. This line represents the top of the curtains. The curved line represents the folds in the curtain.

Draw a vertical line down from the left tab and right tab, connecting at the bottom. This represents your left curtain panel.

Repeat steps 2 through 4 on the right side of the curtain rod to draw the right panel.

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