How to Draw a Tree

Draw a Tree

How to Draw a Tree. Trees are a great part of nature and have been the inspiration of many of the most famous artists in the world. Many paintings, drawings and portraits have trees in them. The way a tree is drawn in a picture can have a profound affect on the impression of the drawing. Trees connect people back to earth and nature. Draw a tree and appreciate the beauty they provide.

Grab paper and a pencil and find a drawing area that is well lit and has plenty of room. In the middle of the paper draw two lines that are parallel to each other that go almost to the top of the paper. The lines should be about an inch apart, and the bottom of the lines should curve slightly away from each other.

Extend large branches out from the trunk about a quarter of the way up. Use two side-by-side lines to make main branches. Add extensions off the main branches using single line strokes.

Work your way up the trunk and make the branches smaller as you move up with fewer branches extending from the main branches. About three-fourths of the way up, start using single lines that move away from the tree with smaller branches extending from them.

Draw multiple lines up and down the trunk in random places and in the thicker limbs. Shade in some of these areas to give more depth and character to the tree.

Create leaves if you choose to put leaves on this tree. Draw little oval shapes all over the branches and shade them in with the pencil.

Play around with the picture and add branches and leaves where you see fit. The more character and detail you put into the tree, the more it will become your unique creation.


You can use crayons or colored pencils for color. Try to draw by a window or outside where you can see some trees to use as a guide.


Do not be afraid to go overboard with the branches and leaves. You can always make a new one if you do not like it.

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