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How to Draw a Mouth

Draw a Mouth
All drawings by Joelle Tiana Halon

Full, shiny lips are as difficult to draw as they are to have in real life. Getting lips symmetrical can be tricky, but by taking a step-by-step process and using proportion techniques, full, shiny lips can be drawn.

Draw a Mouth
All drawings by Joelle Tiana Halon

Things You'll Need:

  • Drawing Paper
  • Pencil Eraser
  • Drawing Pencil
  • Small Tortillion

Draw a straight line to indicate where the ips should be. You may curve the lines up or down to indicate your expression.

Draw a circle in the center with only a slight bit of the circle below the line. Draw secondary circles on the side of, and slightly above the center circle.

Draw the lines as show in the image; these lines have formed lips. Follow the four circles when drawing your lines.

Draw the "wrinkle lines." These lines give your lips a realistic look. As indicated, the upper parts of the lips should be drawn as curved lines going upward.

Take your small tortillion and blend your lines. Use the tortillion to shade. Darken your entire lip line.

Finish shading your lips and adding light. Shade underneath your lip to give a three dimensional look. Add light to the top part of the lip.


Think of Micky Mouse ears when doing Step 2. Think of pumpkin lines when doing Step 4.

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