How to Draw a Graduation Cap

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Things You'll Need

  • Pencil with eraser
  • Paper
  • Colored pencils (optional)
  • Pen or marker (optional)

Drawing a graduation cap may seem tricky at first due to its unusual shape. Simplifying the process by breaking it down into two main sections -- the flat board on top and the cap portion -- makes the project more manageable, even if you don't draw shapes in perspective very often. Practice drawing each portion of the cap in pencil; then put the shapes together once you become confident with the drawing process.

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Draw two parallel diagonal lines in pencil as the two sides of the flat top of the cap. An angle between 30 and 45 degrees from an imaginary horizontal line creates perspective.

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Draw two more parallel lines crossing the first set of lines to create the front and back of the angled cap. The portion inside the crossed lines should look like a square diamond shape at an angle or in perspective; the lines should be of equal or nearly equal length. Erase the lines beyond the basic diamond shape.

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Create an upturned bowl shape, centered under the diamond, to form the wearable part of the cap. Draw two vertical arcing lines, one on each side of the diamond's center, each bowing outward slightly like the sides of an upside-down bowl. Draw a smile-shaped arc connecting the two bowl sides to complete the cap.

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Draw a button or circle shape in the center of the diamond; this is the place where the tassel attaches to the cap.

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Sketch a slightly wavy line from the button to one side of the cap, then straight down the side halfway. This is the string line.

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Draw a small ball shape at the end of the string line, then sketch a series of strings or strands hanging from the ball. Use two different colors of colored pencil to create a tassel in school colors, such as purple and yellow, coloring the ball in with bits of purple and yellow as well. If using colored pencils, go over the main string line from the button down to the tassel in one of the two school colors.

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Trace over the outline of the cap in pen or marker, if desired, or go over it again in pencil to make the image stand out more.


  • Study images of an actual graduation caps to better visualize one as you draw.

    The top of the cap is a perfect square, but is aligned diagonally with a point in front and back.



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